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Where to Start

If you need to begin finding resources for a paper that you’re working on, and you don’t know where to find resources that our library provides, then you’ve come to the right place. This page will show you where to find books, articles and web sites for your research needs. This page is not designed, however, to give you help with the research process. If you need help with doing research, please click here. If you need to begin finding resources, then click on one of the following requests:

Help! Where do I find books?
Help! Where can I find a basic reference article on my topic?
Help! Where do I find articles from magazines and/or journals?
Help! Where do I find useful information on the internet?
Help! What if I need books or articles that the library doesn’t have?

If you need books:

Try the library’s online catalog. The catalog lists all the books in all the different collections of the CCU library. The catalog will give you lists of books on various subjects, as well as the location and call number of each book.

If you need a reference article:

Try using the
library’s catalog to locate a general encyclopedia or a subject-specific encyclopedia or dictionary. You can locate subject-specific encyclopedias or dictionaries by entering a keyword search for “[your topic] and encyclopedia”, or “[your topic] and dictionary.”

Also trying using online reference resources such as Encyclopedia Britannica Online, Oxford Reference Online, or the
OhioLINK Electronic Reference Books collection.

If you need journal articles:

Try one of the library’s periodical indexes. An index will help you find articles on a topic. Choose an index based on what type of information you want.

Do you need general information? Try Academic Search Complete, which indexes a variety of periodicals on many different subjects. Another good place to start your search is
OCLC ArticleFirst.

Do you need information on a Biblical or theological topic? Try ATLA Religion Index, which indexes periodicals in the areas of religion, Bible, theology, church history, ministry, Christian education and pastoral counseling, as well as many other religious subjects. ATLA includes many full-text links.

You can also try Christian Periodical Index, which indexes some titles that ATLA does not. For additional access to some full-text scholarly articles, try EBSCO’s Religion and Philosophy Collection.

Do you need information in the area of psychology and counseling? Try
PsycINFO, an index that is published by the American Psychological Association, and indexes many journals in the areas of psychology, psychiatry and counseling.

Do you need information on education? Try
ERIC, which indexes periodicals covering many different aspects of education.

Do you need information in the area of business?
Business Source Complete, which indexes articles and data reports on various business topics.

Do you need information on another subject, or do you need additional information on one of the subjects listed above? Here’s an
alphabetical list of all the databases that the CCU library provides..

If you need internet websites:

The CCU Library maintains its own lists of websites arranged by topics that correspond to the various areas of the institution’s curriculum. To see the lists,
click here.

There are several good internet search engines from which to choose. A good search engine will allow you to search vast portions of the internet for your topic, and then give you a large list of websites that are related to your topic. No one search engine covers all the world wide web, however, so it’s best to try your search in more than one search engine. Here are a few that you may find helpful:

1. Google

2. Bing

3. Yahoo

4. Ask

5. Ixquick. Ixquick is a metasearch engine, which means that it searches other search engines and returns results from searching your topic on those various search engines.

6. Dogpile. Another metasearch engine.

There are also many directories of internet sites. Directories are lists of websites arranged by topic. Websites listed in the directories are selected by individuals or institutions based on certain criteria. Here are some examples:

1. Librarian’s Index to the Internet

2. BuBL

3. The Internet Public Library

4. The WWW Virtual Library


6. Intute

If you need books or articles that
the CCU Library does not have:

CCU Library provides access to two interlibrary loan services. An interlibrary loan service allows a student to request books, articles or other matierals that are not located in the CCU Library.

1. CCU Library participates in a statewide interlibrary loan service known as
OhioLINK. This service allows students to request books, videos, and other materials directly from the OhioLINK central catalog. The central catalog lists all the materials owned by OhioLINK libraries. The URL for the OhioLINK central catalog is: Here’s more information on using the
OhioLINK interlibrary loan service.

2. CCU Library participates in a world-wide interlibrary loan service known as OCLC. The OCLC interlibrary loan service allows students to request books, articles, and other materials the library does not have. If you need an item that CCU does not own and OhioLINK does not have,
fill out an ILL book request form. If you need an article, fill out an
fill out an ILL article request form.

3. Click here for more information about ILL services offered by the CCU library.

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