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Search Engines

General, All-Purpose Search Engines–Formerly AskJeeves, this is a useful combination of search engine and free reference databases.  The Teoma search engine has merged with
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Google–One of the largest search engines; a useful research tool when used in conjunction with other information resources.
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MSN–Search the web with Microsoft’s own search engine.  News, emails, and IM services are also available from this site.  The “My MSN“ feature allows users to customize the look of the homepage.
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Yahoo!–Search by category or keyword; integrated with AltaVista
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Other Searching Options

A9–Amazon’s search engine that retrieves web results as well as results from Amazon’s “Search Inside the Book“ feature.
Search A9
Help using A9–Owned by Yahoo, but still maintained as a separate search engine site.  The site now offers a “live“ search option, which offers search recommendations in real time.
Search AlltheWeb
Learn about AlltheWeb
Search the “live“ option

AltaVista–Now owned by Yahoo!, but still available as a separate search engine site.
Search AltaVista
Help using AltaVista–Presents search results in “clusters“ or groups.  Search results are displayed into folders that group similar items together.

Dogpile–Use this metasearch engine to search Google, Yahoo!,, and MSN simultaneously
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Help using Dogpile

Gigablast–A smaller alternative to some of the big search engines listed in the first category above
Search Gigablast
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Ixquick–A metasearch engine that returns results from multiple search engines, and then rates the results with a five-star rating system, which shows users how many search engines retrieved a particular web page.
Search Ixquick
Help using Ixquick

Kartoo–A metasearch engine with a visual display interface.  Requires Flash player.  Results are displayed on a map.
Search Kartoo
Help using Kartoo

Metacrawler–A metasearch engine that searches Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and
Search Metacrawler
Help using Metacrawler

Help using Profusion

Search Engine Help & Tools

Rollyo: Roll Your Own Search Engine

Use the tools at this web site to create your own customized search engines.  No programming necessary.

Search Engine Showdown

Learn about search engines; get tips for performing better searches; read expert reviews of search engines and learn more about their features.


Get the latest news and facts about search engines and searching technology.

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