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Search Tips

  • Choose the best engine for your purpose–by Debbie Abilock

      Select from a list of topics, search features, or types of searches (i.e., images or sounds), and connect to the best site or search engine for your purpose.

  • How to Search the World Wide Web: A Tutorial and Guide for Beginners–by David Habib and Robert Balliot, Information Service Librarian, East Greenwich Free Library, Rhode Island

      Covers search methods and tools, keyword searching, planning and conducting a search, and more.

  • Internet Searching Strategies–from Fondren Library, Rice University

      Contents include; formulating a strategy, maximizing search results, evaluating and citing Internet resources.

  • Search Engine Watch–by Danny Sullivan, Mecklermedia

      Explains how search engines find and rank web pages, how to use to use search engines, gives search engine status reports.

  • Searching the World Wide Web: Strategies, Analyzing your topic, Choosing search tools–from University of California, Berkeley. Teaching Library Internet Workshops

      Also provides detailed searching instructions with sample searches for Infoseek, AltaVista, Yahoo! and others.

  • Sink or Swim: Internet Search Tools & Techniques–by Ross Tyner, M.L.S., Okanagan University College

      Follow the Workshop Outline, or go directly to the item you want to learn about.

  • A Summary of Major Search Engine Features–from Northwestern University Library

      Explains Boolean searching, capitalization, phrase searching, proximity and truncation.

  • Web Search Tool Features–from the University of Northumbria at Newcastle

      “Tables show features and techniques for the most common web search services”.

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