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Mini-Manual of Style

On this page, you will find a link to the full-text of the mini-manuals of style created by Jim Lloyd, director of the CCU library. Currently, there is only a link to the CCU graduate school edition of the manual.  Soon there also be a link to an undergraduate version of the manual that will cover the MLA style guide.  Each manual is formatted in the style of a typical research paper, so you can use the manual itself as an illustrative guide for formatting your own paper.  The graduate school edition has been updated in 2007 in order to account for changes in the Chicago and APA style guides.  If you have a copy of an older edition of the min-manual, you should discard it and download the updated version.

The document is presented in Word 2003. If you do not have Word installed on your computer, you can still view this document in Word by downloading a free software program from Microsoft. The software program allows you to view documents typed in Word without having Word installed on your computer. To download the software, or to read additional information about Word 2003 viewer, click on the following link:

Word 2007 Viewer

To download the mini-manual, click on the following link:

Mini-Manual of Style: Graduate School Edition


If you need to refer to the manual frequently, may we suggest that you download a copy and save it on your computer?

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