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MAC Students Pathfinder

A Library Pathfinder for MAC Students at Cincinnati Christian University

prepared by Scott Lloyd, Assistant Director, CCU Library

The CCU Library provides access to print and electronic collections of books, journals, and other information resources in order to facilitate the research of MAC students. A number of electronic research databases are also available to assist with subject searching and information gathering. The library also seeks to aid students in discovering resources on the World Wide Web that may also enhance their research. The following paragraphs provide a brief description of select information resources that MAC students may find useful.


The CCU library provides access to a print collection of books, as well as a small but growing collection of electronically accessible books.

Print Books

SCROLLS: CCU Library Catalog

The CCU library’s catalog is freely accessible from any internet access point. The library’s entire print book collection, as well as its audio-visual collections, can be searched via SCROLLS. To retrieve the maximum number of results on your topic, take advantage of keyword searching, as well as subject, title and author searching. To start searching the library’s catalog, click here:

Shelf Browsing

Browsing the shelves in the library’s main stacks is a good way to familiarize yourself with available resources. Here are a few Dewey Decimal numbers of interest to MAC students: 150-159: Psychology; 253.5: Pastoral Counseling; 616.8: Psychotherapy.

Print Reference Works

The library’s reference collection contains a number of encyclopedias and dictionaries that focus on psychology, counseling, and related topics. Here some examples:

Baker Encyclopedia of Psychology & Counseling. Call number: 150.3 B167b, 1999.

Comprehensive Handbook of Psychological Assessment. Call number: 150.287 C737h, 2004

Comprehensive Handbook of Psychotherapy. Call number: 616.8914 C737k, 2002

Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol, & Addictive Behavior. Call number: 362.2903 E56j, 2001

Encyclopedia of Psychology. (Published by the American Psychological Association.) Call number: 150.3 E56k.

Evidence-Based Practice Manual. Call number: 362.1 E93r, 2004

A Guide to Treatments that Work. Call number: 616.891 G946n

Magill’s Encyclopedia of Social Science: Psychology. Call number: 150.3 M194p

Mental Health Desk Reference. Call number: 616.8914 M549w, 2001

Practice Planners Series (Wiley). These books are located in the circulation section of the library. Each book in the series has a different call number, depending upon its subject.

Psychologist’s Desk Reference. Call number: 616.89 P974k

Electronic Books

Netlibrary. An e-book collection that contains a number of full-text books in the area of psychology, as well as other subject areas.

Electronic Reference Works

Many of the library’s research databases contain the full-text of reference works such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, guides, and handbooks. Here are some examples of the electronic reference content that is available:

OhioLINK E-Book Center. OhioLINK maintains a database containing the full text of a number of reference works published by ABC-CLIO, Gale, Springer, Oxford University Press, and Sage. The database can be searched by keyword or browsed by subject:

Oxford Reference Online. This database provides full-text access to a number of encyclopedia, dictionaries, and handbooks produced by Oxford University Press. One particular title of interest is Dictionary of Psychology. The database can be accessed at:

Journals & Magazines

The library provides access to several magazines and journals in the areas of psychology and counseling. Many of these periodicals are available electronically, but some are available only in print.

Electronic Subscriptions

The library provides access to a number of periodicals via the Internet. To search by title for a particular magazine or journal, please use OhioLINK’s Electronic Journal Finder: Electronic periodicals can be accessed anywhere on the CCU campus. To access these resources off-campus, make sure that you have registered with the CCU library. The library will provide you with a barcode number that you can use to log in to these resources from anywhere that you have Internet access.

Current Print Subscriptions (These titles are available in the CCU library. Use the library’s Periodical Holdings List to see the library’s holdings for each title. Print copies of this list are also accessible in the library. )

American Journal of Psychiatry (Recent issues available in microfiche only. Ask for assistance at the library’s service desk.)

Christian Counseling Today

Counseling and Values

International Journal of Reality Therapy

Journal of Biblical Counseling

Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development

Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling

Journal of Pastoral Counseling

Journal of Psychology and Christianity

Journal of Psychology and Theology

Marriage and Family

Psychological Reports

Psychology for Living

Research Databases

The library provides access to a number of electronic databases to facilitate research in many subject areas, including psychology and counseling. A full list of the library’s research databases can be viewed by title or by subject. These databases can be accessed both on and off-campus, but you will need to register with the library before attempting to access these databases from an off-campus location. The following is a list of databases that are particularly useful to MAC students.

PsycINFO. Produced by the American Psychological Association, PsycINFO is the premier research database for psychology and counseling. The database indexes journal articles, books, book chapters, and dissertations in the area of psychology and related disciplines. This version of PsycINFO, provided by OhioLINK, also provides full-text links to many of the journal articles indexed in the database. Access the database here:

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection. Contains the full text of more than 500 periodicals in the areas of psychology and related disciplines. Access the database here: If you are off-campus, use this link:
To view a list of journals that can be accessed in this database, click here:

OhioLINK Electronic Journal Center. Provides full-text access to many scholarly journals, including a number of psychology and counseling journals. To search the Electronic Journal Center, click here: From the search page, you can also find information about setting up electronic notifications so that you can be alerted when new issues of journals are added to the database. You can also use the PsycINFO databases to search for articles, and then use the “Find It” links that appear with the article citations to see if a full-text link is available to the EJC for the article you have selected. If a full-text link is available, simply click on the link and you will immediately retrieve the full-text file of the article from the EJC.

ATLA Religion Database. Contains many citations from journals in pastoral counseling and related topics. Indexes some Christian counseling journals that PsycINFO does not, such as Journal of Biblical Counseling and Journal of Psychology and Theology. Access the database from this link: From off-campus, access the database here:

Academic Search Complete. This general research database allows students to search the contents of over 4,000 journals and magazines covering a wide array of topics. The full-text of over 3400 scholarly publications can be accessed from this database. Access this database here:

World Wide Web Resources

In addition to the electronic resources the CCU library makes available to MAC students, there are a number of freely available resources on the World Wide Web that may also provide research assistance. Here are some examples:

Web Search Engines
The Google ( search engine is a favorite of researchers in various fields. Google has also produced a version of its search engine called Google Scholar that limits results to scholarly materials (

Microsoft has also a search engine, Bing, that may provide helpful results (

Directories (Lists of selected web sites)

Psychology WWW Virtual Library (

Psych Web (

BehaveNet (

Encyclopedia of Psychology (

In addition, the American Psychological Association provides a directory of psychological topics, with links to APA resources and other links pertaining to those topics:

Free Full-Text Sites
Classics in the History of Psychology. This web site provides the full-text of a number of significant documents that are foundational to psychological research. Visit the site here:

National Institute of Mental Health. The web site of the NIMH, a department of the US government, provides free mental health information:

National Mental Health Association. Provides free fact sheets covering selected mental health topics:

National Mental Health Information Center. Access full-text documents from this US government site:

Inter-Library Loans

The CCU library provides interlibrary loan services to all current MAC students. Use the following services to request items that cannot be accessed via the CCU library’s print and electronic collections:

OhioLINK. The OhioLINK central catalog provides patron-initiated borrowing. Students can request books and audio-visual media through the catalog’s interface (assuming you have first registered with the CCU library and received a barcode number). Please allow three-four business days for delivery. Search the OhioLINK catalog here:

OCLC. CBC&S library can request from other libraries on your behalf books and photocopies of journal articles that are not available here. To request an ILL, you may fill out a print form at the circulation desk in the library, or you may use one of the library’s online ILL request forms. Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery. To find out more about ILL services, and to access electronic request forms, click here.

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