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Canon Microform Reader Tutorial

Welcome to the online tutorial for the Canon Image.SCAN software, the computer program designed to help you scan and save or print images from microfilm or microfiche. To get started, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1. To begin scanning images of pages from a microfiche or microfilm, click on one of the flags on the screen corresponding to the language you would like the software to use:

Step 2. Once you have clicked on one of the flags, you will come to a screen that says “Help Tools” in the top left-hand corner.

On the left-hand side, there is a list of video tutorials that you can watch to help you understand the features of the microform reader. To watch a video, simply click on the button of your choice. Make sure the speakers are turned on next to the computer, so that you can hear the audio portion of the video. When you finish watching the tutorials, or if you do not wish to watch any tutorials, simply click on the “Continue” button in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen.

Step 3. Once you have clicked on the “Continue” button, you will see a screen that looks like a virtual keyboard. You will be prompted to enter your name. You can either type your name using the computer keyboard, or you can use the mouse to click on the letters of the virtual keyboard to spell out your name. Once you have entered your name, click on the “Enter” button:

Step 4. Once you have clicked on the “Enter” button, you will see a screen that looks like a virtual scanning workstation. There are three rows of buttons to the left and a large rectangular empty window on the right.

To begin scanning, first align the page you wish to scan in the center of the microform reader’s screen. On the scanning workstation screen click the button in the top row labeled “Scan”:

Step 5. Once you have clicked the scan button, a scanned image of the page you selected from your microform will now appear in the long rectangular box on the computer screen.

If the image is acceptable to you, then press the “ACCEPT” button in the top row.

If the image is not acceptable to you, you can click the “Rescan” button located directly to the left of the “Accept” button, which will clear the scanned image from the box and allow you to scan your page again.

Before you hit the “accept” button, there are also a number of things you can do to change the appearance of your scanned image. You can click on the other buttons in the scanning workstation to perform a variety of tasks:

Click any button in the image above to read its description.

Here are brief descriptions of the buttons, starting in the top left-hand corner and moving from left to right:


Start Over: This button takes you to the opening screen, where you selected the language (see Step 1).

Help: This button takes you to the “Help Tools” screen, where you can watch video tutorials (see Step 2).

Rescan: This button allows you to clear the scanned image and rescan the image you have selected on the microform reader.

Accept: This button allows you to accept the image that you have scanned, which will allow you to print or save the image in the next step.


Zoom In: This button allows you to zoom in closer to a selected portion of the scanned image.

Zoom Out: This button allows you to zoom back out and view the entire scanned image, once you have zoomed in on some portion of it.

Remove Border: If your scanned image has a border around it (example: dark areas around the image with no text or graphics), then clicking on this button MAY remove that border.

Undo: Clicking this button clears the last change you made to your scanned image. For example, if you clicked “Remove Border,” and then clicked “Undo,” it would return the border to your scanned image.


Despeckle: If your scanned image has small spots or “speckles” on it, clicking this button MAY remove some of those spots and improve the quality of the image.

Deskew: If your scanned image appears to be at an angle (”skewed”), clicking on this button MAY straighten the image.

Invert: This button will reverse the appearance of your scanned image. That is, if your page is white text with black background, this button will reverse it to black text on white background.

Fit: Clicking this button will enlarge the scanned image to fit the rectangular window in which your scanned image appears.

Step 6. Once you have clicked the accept button, a window will now pop up that asks, “Would you like to scan another image?”

If you do want to scan additional pages, then click “Yes.” If you are finished scanning pages, then click “No.” If you click yes, you will return to the scanning workstation, and you can scan your next page by repeating steps 4-5. If you click no, you will come to a screen that allows you to either print your scanned images or save the scanned images as files on a floppy disk.

Print: If you press “PRINT IMAGE”, your scanned images will be printed at the circulation desk. When you are finished using the microform reader, go to the front desk and request your prints. Note: There is a 10 cents per page charge for printing, which must be paid before your prints will be released to you.

Save to Disk: If you press “SAVE IMAGE”, a window will pop up, telling you to insert a disk in the floppy drive.

Put a 3.5″ floppy disk in the drive marked “A” on the computer. Then press “okay” on the computer screen. Then click on the “smiley face” on the computer screen, and press the black button next to the “A” drive on the computer to release your disk. When you save scanned images to a floppy disk, the image.SCAN software will create a file on the disk with the name you typed in on the computer screen in step 3. When you open your floppy disk on a computer, simply look for this file, open it and your scanned images should be in the file. These images are saved in “TIF” format, so you will need a piece of software on your computer known as a TIF image viewer. (Windows 95 or higher comes with a free TIF image viewer already installed. All you will need to do is click on an image that you would like to see.)

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