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Accessing Electronic Resources

1. If you are a current student, faculty or staff member of Cincinnati Christian University, then you are entitled to access the CCU library’s electronic resources from off-campus. A full list of the library’s electronic databases is available by title or by subject from the library’s web site. For access to the databases, click here.

2. To access electronic resources off-campus, you must first register with the library. The preferred method of registration is to visit the library in person during regular library hours.

3. Once your registration is completed, you are ready to access electronic resources remotely (off-campus). Before you begin, make sure that you have the 14-digit barcode number the library issued you when you registered. If you registered in person, the number should be on the back of your student ID card.

4. Once you have your barcode number, simply click on the link or type in the URL of the database you wish to access. If a separate link is listed for off-campus access, make sure you click on that link. Using the regular, on-campus link will not work!

5. Once you have clicked on the link, you may be taken to a screen that asks you to identify the institution that you are affiliated with. From the pull-down menu, select “Cincinnati Christian University” and hit the “submit” button or press “enter” on your keyboard.

6. The next screen will ask you to type in your name and your library ID number. Most databases will ask you to type in your full name. Type it as either, “Doe, Jane” (without the quotation marks) or “Jane Doe” (without the quotation marks). A few databases will only ask you for your last name. Note: It is very important that you type in your name exactly as it was entered into the library’s records when you first registered with the library!

7. In the box that asks for your library ID number, type your library barcode number without any spaces. There should be 14 digits. When you have entered your barcode number, hit the “submit” button or type “enter” on your keyboard.

8. If you have typed your name and barcode number correctly, you should get a message that says, “Authentication Successful.” You will be automatically re-directed to the database you selected.


1. The most common problem is failing to enter your name or barcode number correctly. Try going through the login in process again, making sure that you have entered both your name and barcode number correctly.

2. If you try again and are still unsuccessful, or if you encounter an error message while trying to log in to the database, contact the library circulation desk (513-244-8680) and ask the desk attendant to check your patron record (your library account). Make sure the expiration date on your record is current. Also double-check to make sure that your name and barcode number have been entered correctly in your patron record. The desk attendant can update your record if necessary and you will be able to try accessing the database again.

3. Other common problems may be related to settings on your computer. You may need to make adjustments to your browser settings or firewall settings to access the library’s databases. If you suspect this is the problem and you are unsure how to proceed, please contact the library for assistance. (E-mail the library)

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