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Review and Analysis of NT Greek Software

Interpretive Implications of Using Bible-Search Software for New Testament Grammatical Analysis

This essay by Harry Hahne is somewhat dated (1994), but his discussion of the technical aspects of electronic concordance software is still relevant and can be useful information to aid in selecting a particular software program.

Concordance Software


A concordance and bible study program developed specifically for MACs. Like BibleWorks and Logos, Accordance is available in different packages and with add-on modules. The software can also be run on a PC using an emulator. Accordance provides full parsing and grammatical analysis of words, explanations of grammatical terms, and searching by grammatical characteristics. Also provides access to lexical definitions of Greek words.


This software package contains many N.T. Greek language tools, and like Logos, has several additional modules that can be added to the basic software. Contains parsing features and allows for morphological analysis of Greek words. Also contains many different English translation of the Bible, as well as translations in other languages.


This software package contains many tools for studying the Greek New Testament. The tools include a digital concordance that allows the user to search for specific inflected forms of Greek words, as well as the lexical forms. Parsing tools are also included. The user can also look up lexical definitions of any N.T. Greek vocabulary words. Additional language tools can be purchased alongside the basic concordance software. Details regarding the selection and purchase of the GRAMCORD software are available on the vendor’s web site. The software is available in both Windows and Palm/Pocket PC versions. NOTE: GRAMCORD is available on computers in CCU computer labs, and is also available on computers in the CCU library.


This popular Bible study software is available in many different packages, and additional tools can be unlocked and added to the basic software packages. One specific package Logos sells is called the Original Languages Library (


BibleWorks Greek and Hebrew Fonts

From this page, you can download the BGreek and the BHebrew fonts for your own personal use. In downloading the font, you must agree to the copyright stipulations posted on the BibleWorks fonts page. Both the Greek and Hebrew fonts are used by some CCU Biblical Studies professors.

The Greek New Testament Gateway: Fonts

Helpful collection of links to places on the web where you can learn more about Greek fonts. Also contains links to places on the web where you can download fonts, some of which are free (such as the Galilean font or the Teknia font).

Unicode and Fonts

This document on the Logos web site explains how unicode fonts function and how the are different from ASCII fonts. Links to other web sources for information regarding unicode Greek fonts are included

Silver Mountain Software

At this web site, you will find information about the true-type font known as Sgreek. Silver Mountain software produced font, used by Professor Lloyd on his quizzes and handouts. The font can be purchased and downloaded from the following page:

Vocabulary Drills


A virtual vocabulary “flashcard” program produced by the makers of GRAMCORD. The program has customizable, so that the user can create sets of specific words from the larger vocabulary database. The program has audio capabilities, so that the user can hear the vocabulary words pronounced.

A Memory Tool for New Testament Greek
A vocabulary study tool that you can purchase and download online. The software presents the letters of the alphabet, as well as 31 pre-selected vocabulary lists, containing 500 total vocabulary words (80 percent of the total vocabulary found in the Greek New Testament). Users can also build their own custom lists of vocabulary words. The software has an audio feature that allows you to hear the letters pronounced.


A basic vocabulary flashcard software program. Allows you to edit customized lists of vocabulary words. Although there is no charge for downloading the software, the creator of the software asks for a donation.


Greek Tutor

Published by QuickVerse, this multimedia program provides plenty of drills and exercises. Users can work at their own pace through 28 lessons designed to teach basic vocabulary and grammar. Note: the software has audio as well as video capabilities, so that you can hear how to pronounce the letters of the alphabet as well as key vocabulary words.

Mastering New Testament Greek

This CD-ROM tutorial, authored by Ted Hildebrandt and published by Baker Academic, guides the beginning student through 28 interactive lessons. Included in the tutorial are a grammar, workbook, vocabulary builder and a Greek-English dictionary.

Other Software


A CD-ROM program that provides students with access to the UBS 4 Greek Text, a UBS Greek-English Dictionary, The NASB New Testament, and both Greek and English concordances. The software also includes audio capabilities, so that the user can hear the entire Greek text read aloud.

Teknia Software

William Mounce, author of Basics of Biblical Greek, has created this company to market the resources he has created to help first-year Greek students learn the language. A number of free resources are available, as well as resources you can purchase and download. Many of Mounce’s resources are helpful to first year students even if they are not using Mounce’s textbook. Among the tools you can download are a vocabulary drilling program and a parsing program, available on this page:

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