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Digital Greek

The Cincinnati Christian University Digital Greek web site provides a collection of resources designed to assist students who are enrolled in their first year of Greek courses (BLA 110/510 Beginning Greek or BLA 111/511 Intermediate Greek).

There are 3 ways that you can access the information on this site:

1. The Digital Greek menu at the top of the screen contains links that will take you to the collections of resources on the Digital Greek web site. This menu appears on each page of the site, so that you can easily move from page to page.

2. You can consult our FAQs page, which contains answers to questions that first-year Greek students often ask. The answers to the questions will point you to particular categories of resources on this site.

3. You can consult the following “mini-directory” of the resources on the CCU Digital Greek web site:

To access a list of recommended print resources, including grammars, workbooks, vocabulary helps, lexicons, and other references, click on the link below:

Print Resources

To access a collection of links to electronically accessible handouts, guides, helpsheets and other study materials, click on the link below:


To access links to web resources relating to the study and learning of Biblical Greek, click on the link below:

Web Resources

To access links to web sites that provide information about Biblical Greek software programs, click on the link below:


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