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Creating Persistent Links

Professors who want their students to read journal articles as part of their course readings should create persistent links to the articles they want their students to read. If professors want to include articles in their Canvas sites, the best practice from a copyright fair use perspective is to link to the article rather than upload a copy of the article itself to the course site. If you need any assistance with this process, please contact Scott Lloyd or one of the other main library staff members.

Here are some instructions for creating persistent links:

1. If you have a specific article that you want to find in the library's full-text database collections, use the Citation Finder page. You may also search by title in one of the library's research databases.

2. Once you have located the citation and full text of the article in a database, click on the article title from the citation and look for a link that says, "Persistent Link," or "Permalink." Copy the entire link into your Canvas site, online course plan, or other resource.

3. The "Permalinks" in all EBSCOhost databases automatically include a proxy prefix that will allow them to work off-campus as well as on-campus. Students clicking on the link from off-campus will be required to log in prior to accessing the article.

4. If you are linking to an article from the OhioLINK Electronic Journal Center, no proxy server prefix is necessary.  The URL will just begin with "" If Students click on this link from-off campus, they will automatically be directed to a login page.

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